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PATRIOT "over there": The most recognized form of Patriotism comes with volunteering to the duty of protecting the lives and interest of one's countrymen. Risking life and limb so that families and friends left behind may be kept from harm and have a chance for better things. In this ongoing epic tale that is the history of United States of America, men and women have answered this call to duty. Through their sacrifices, the United States remains the beacon for freedom, prosperity and still provides the best opportunity to create a better world for loved ones.






PATRIOT "over here": With our bravest at the enemy’s line, success could not be achieved if not for the sacrifices and dedication of the citizens who stayed behind. From workers in the factory, and farmers in the field, to scientist in the lab, and executives in the boardroom; a concerted effort to build and deliver necessary supplies to our military has been the difference maker for our prosperity. Continued innovation and healthy commerce have afforded us the means to manage the best prepared contingency the world has ever seen. Simply put, a strong and capable private sector helps deliver the necessary technology and financial support required to answer the call of duty.





Purpose: It is recognized that small businesses drive innovation and the  economy. It is a patriotic calling for entrepreneurs to step up, take risks and plant the seeds of economic growth. As the Patriot IT™ business practice grows, it is our goal to create opportunities with jobs, careers and leadership development for our nation's veterans and disabled veterans.

Mission: Help clients solve business problems through the use of best of breed IT strategies, services, and technologies.

Contact us:

Patriot IT Corporation

69 Lincoln Blvd Suite 172

Lincoln, CA 95648

916 880 4080 office

916 880 4089 fax

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